Real Records.  That’s what the Amusement Park Recording Studio delivers. Based in Lubbock, Texas, the Amusement Park is a creative center for independent musicians. Specializing in raw, earthy, real recording, the Amusement Park is a studio designed to enhance your creativity.

Home of guitarist, visual artist, and record producer Scott Faris, the Amusement Park features the best of both recording worlds: tons of vintage gear coupled with the best modern recording has to offer. ProTools HDX with 32 Channels of I/O, Neve, API, Amek, RCA, Hammond, Marshall, Fender, Sequential Circuits, Neumann, AKG, Shure, TL Audio, Blue, Hanks, Genelec, Bogner, Gibson, Martin, PRS… we’ve got the real stuff. Stuff music is made with. Stuff records are made with. Real records. The kind that make the hairs on the back of your neck stand up.

From rock to country, classical to blues, metal to mariachi, rap to pop, jazz to folk, the Amusement Park records it all. And we do it really well. Just check out the sounds we’ve created for our clients.

Most recently, Scott Faris produced, engineered and mixed the album Homeland Insecurity for Flatland Cavalry.  Not stopping at the record, Scott designed, colorized, helped illustrate, and co-author (with Cleto Cordero) the accompanying Homeland Insecurity Comic Book.  Scott also produced, recorded and mixed their debut EP, Come May,  and Flatland’s breakout album Humble Folks, which made it to #2 on the iTunes Country Charts, charted in Billboard Magazine, and netted the 2016 CDX Texas Charts #1 song of the year for the Single “One I Want.” Other notable clients include the Jenni Dale Lord Band (we’re currently working on our fourth album for Jenni), Jordan Robert Kirk, the Randall King Band, Armstrong, X Factor Finalist Hannah Jackson, world-renowned classical guitarist David Brandon, (two albums and recordings of David for Hal Leonard Publishing’s Christopher Parkening Method Books), Bobby Bookout (including the recent album “B“),  the Thrift Store Cowboys, Waiting To Derail, One WolfCary Banks (of the Maines Brothers), theSilent Wings Museum, and many more.

A lot of studios have good gear. And a lot of studios can track your music. But the rubber hits the road when it comes to mixing. That’s why bands from as far away as Portland, Austin, and Dallas send their tracks to the Amusement Park. Our mixes don’t sound local. They sound national. Got a heavy vibe? We know how to create a crushing mix where the kick, snare and guitars blow your mind. Prefer acoustic music? Our mixes are open, clear and rich with air on top and a solid bottom end that grabs your soul. But don’t take our word for it. Listen.

Scott and his wife, composer and pianist Amy Faris, also compose music for film and TV.  Their works Metropolis Elektro and Between earth and Sky (the later film was nominated for a Lonestar Emmy).





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Our book rate is $75/hr. for studio A (including engineer) and $45/hr. for studio B (including engineer). Contact us regarding day rates. We also offer special rates for engineers who want to rent the studio out to bring in their clients. Call (806) 787-2636 or contact us here for more info.

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